Specializing In Luxury Listings, Architecture, Design & Investment Opportunities

Specializing In Luxury Listings, Architecture, Design & Investment Opportunities


Born in Montana, grew up in the north entrance to Yellowstone National Park. Learned to ski in the 1st grade through school ski lessons inside the Park on a tow rope as well as cross country skiing.

Moved to Berthoud, Colorado in 1990. Played football, basketball & baseball.

After graduation, moved to Vail/Beaver Creek/Avon & lived in a car with a friend until we were able to settle in Breckenridge. snowboarding, literally every day.

Broken back & other severe injuries required a life changing moment. Started a career in motorcycle industry as a dealership mechanic for Japanese Imports in DFW for about 10 years.

Realized after having my first child, now in Houston, that risking my life with reckless abandon is no longer a thing I can do. Camera's were much safer.

Obviously, leaving a lot out. I'm in Abilene, TX & love it in West Texas.

I am interested in much more than just photography. My life experiences have brought me a wide range of skills that are incredibly valuable in todays market.

Looking forward to working with today forward-thinking investors & entrepreneurs that understand the value of multi-talented people who are able to perform services that typically require a group of specialized content creators & marketers. Saving time & making more money.

$1M year / 10 people @ $80k annual salary = $800k + $200k Profit

$1M year / 2 people @ $200k annual salary = $400k + $600k Profit

These types of people are extremely hard to find. If you are one, you can see the traits in other potential candidates. There is a proprietary process (innate sense for some) of finding & training candidates into these super predators of content creation. The value can be priceless for the right Entrepreneur or Investing Group & hired at a bargain rate. All too often, these super predators of content creation only require comfortable income to be able to live out their creative self expression.

I'll show you how to find this illusive endangered species and turn them into Jedi.